How to remove nCloth troubleshoot (maya 2018)

By November 8, 2018 No Comments

To remove nCloth from your Mesh as if it was never there:

  1. Go to first frame before any deformations have happened
  2. Select mesh and apply “nCloth>delete history”
  3. Then you can apply >nCloth>remove nCloth”

Deleting the history first is important, otherwise you will end up with the problem similar to below.

So I disabled some nCloth effects on my model so I could continue on other things. However when I re-enabled the nCloth, it did not work anymore. However! I was happy to remove all the nCloth effects and re-apply it to get it working again.

Unfortunately, removing the nCloth the standard way was not working for me.

Deleting the history after removing nCloth will result in the following error:

    • Autodesk/Maya2018/scripts/others/getGeometriesToCache.mel line 55: More than one cachable shape is visible under (object name). Select the specific shape that you want to cache.

If you select your mesh, go to the Channel Box and see some ‘outputCloth’ under Shapes, there may be more than one if you have been playing around with nCloth like I did. Example:

Go to Windows > General Editors > Hypergraph: Connections, and you will see something like this.

But this is what it should look like, if you delete the history before removing nCloth from your mesh.

This is an alternate ‘fix’ to restoring the mesh if removing nCloth from your mesh was not done properly and you can’t go back to fix it.

  1. Create a new mesh, for example a simple cube shape.
  2. Select the cube mesh and problematic mesh
  3. Go to ‘Mesh>Combine’
  4. Go to ‘Edit>Delete by type>History’
  5. Don’t forget to rename your mesh, reapply textures and place back into any layers etc.
  6. Go back to ‘Windows>General Editors>Hypergraph: Connections’ and you’ll see something like this:

Aaaaaaand now you can go back to applying nCloth without any weird things happening!